Images above were posting on the @bayoucitysoccer Instagram story, I showcased a nerve wrecking game that left the fans ecstatic. I used visuals that emphasized success of the Houston Dynamo and the love of the sport from fans in the crowd. As always, we always credit the photographers or where we received the photos from. 
I wanted to get the attention of our followers by creating engaging Game Day Hype Videos, designed to amplify fan excitement and enhance game day experiences. I spearheaded the conceptualization, production, and editing of dynamic videos that boost fan engagement and build anticipation for each game by using CapCut. 
Adding on to the Instagram stories, we purposely would get a glimpse behind the scenes to humanize Bayou City Soccer. We would do this by using a series of images or short video clips to highlight key aspects of our story. This included shots of the team working or preparation for the game.

I would sit in the press conference while the head coach of the Houston Dynamo, Ben Olsen, would answer any questions regarding the team and the game just played. By doing this, we were able to keep track of media coverage related to the Houston Dynamo and Bayou City Soccer to assess public sentiment and identify potential issues.
One the last home day for the Houston Dynamo, we decided to do one-on-one interview fans and get their opinion on what they believed the final score would be, it was a priority to create a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. We randomly select participants who represent diverse perspectives within the target audience; anyone with Dynamo gear on we tried to get in our video. 
In conclusion, I was able to run a KPI report of the Instagram followers and how much progress has been made since the post and stories. 
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