I worked with a student run Public Relations team to help the University of Houston Valenti Alumni Association increase the number of Alumni in the Valenti School of Communication. We did this by hosting an event after commencement in front of the building to catch their attention and inform them about the Alumni Association. 
The flyer above was created on Canva to promote the event by going to senior Valenti classes to talk to my peers and pass out this flyer for them to have. I also communicated with the Social Media Manager for the University of Houston and advertised it on their Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.
I organized spotlight interviews with Valenti Alumni and asked about their current positions and any advice for current undergrad students. I communicated to the Social Media Manager of Valenti and requested to post these spotlights onto their website and advertise it on their Instagram and LinkedIn.
In conclusion, he event gathered many young alumni and professors together in front of the Valenti School of Communication to take photos and were provided cookies, drinks, and a small flower bouquet.
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